With the many decisions of wedding planning, choosing wines can be an overwhelming process (especially when you are a wine novice!). We greatly enjoy wine and wanted our selections to speak to the tone of our wedding just as much as our dinner menu, but we didn’t quite know where to start! I was SO lucky to have Anna guide me through the process of choosing the wines for our wedding — working together was such an easy process and took away so much stress of planning. I really appreciated how Anna cared to learn what types of wine my husband and I typically enjoy, as well as asking questions about the tastes of our guests. She called the local liquor store and worked directly with the Wine Manager there, sifting through thousands of options and selecting a short list that would fit our budget and preferred flavor profiles. We ended up choosing a variety of French wines — a sparking for cocktail hour, a rose, and a few options of both white and red. I think our guests really enjoyed the element of choice, as there was something that worked well for almost everyone. We received so many compliments about the wine... I have actually gotten emails from two guests (also in the midst of planning weddings) who wanted to know the exact wines we served because they were so delicious. I would recommend Anna to anyone — truly a wonderful experience!
— Charlotte & Matthew, 09/17
Working with Anna was absolutely wonderful! So much about wedding planning is stressful, but Anna made wine selection fun! She took the time to know what we like, understand the menu for the perfect pairing, and even found a local retail shop and had the wine shipped there directly. She is so knowledgeable and makes wine really approachable. Just an amazing experience.
— Meghan S.
Anna turned what could have easily been an overwhelming experience into one of empowering ease. From walking us through our wine list options, to serving as a liaison between ourselves and the wedding coordinator, to choosing the best pairings for our reception dinner and brunch the following morning, Anna was with us every step of the way...She worked unrelentingly to help us create the wedding celebration of our dreams. We are filled with gratitude for her hard work, passion, and positive attitude, and highly recommend her for hire. When it comes to all things wine, Anna shines.
— Kim & Ogi, 10/16