Everything about weddings is exciting, but why are the wines so often...not? Choosing the right wines for the wedding at little if any higher cost makes a huge difference to your event. 

Wines are just as important as that specialty cocktail you and your fiancé worked so hard to create, and uninspired wines can just make a whole bar fall flat (not really, knock on wood, but you get what I'm saying). Sensational wines that speak to the newlywed's tastes as well as the guests (yes, even the uncle who considers himself an oenophile), completes the perfect night and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Based on any budget we can tailor the wines to match beautifully with the rest of the event and navigate anything from having the wines delivered to necessary permitting, on-site wine lists, corkage fees and case discounts. I will coordinate with your caterer, negotiate with the wine stores and work within your budget to pick wines that you and your guests will enjoy and remember.

Services include:

  • Consultation
  • Wine tasting
  • Short list of choices with descriptions
  • Coordination with caterers, liquor stores and bar staff

Packages begin at $500.00

With the many decisions of wedding planning, choosing wines can be an overwhelming process (especially when you are a wine novice!). We greatly enjoy wine and wanted our selections to speak to the tone of our wedding just as much as our dinner menu, but we didn’t quite know where to start! I was SO lucky to have Anna guide me through the process of choosing the wines for our wedding — working together was such an easy process and took away so much stress of planning.
— Charlotte & Matthew 10/17